“Political language… is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind.”


Suffering, human suffering changes people. It has changed me, mostly only witnessing it. Entirely. I realized how, some point meaningless it was what I have been doing for almost three years upon till September, when I came to Europe and met hundreds of refugees rotting, starving in the middle of a European Union capital city. I must be honest with myself it rather shocked me and broke me. Other people’s pain deeply touched me, however my own pain came upon the surface along with it what I’ve been trying to dig underneath my business, way below six feet under. Grieve is a tricky emotion. You can’t control it. It comes in waves and as much as you want to crush it, it crushes you instead. Your own mortality comes into play, your own purpose in life comes into play and your heart comes into play, what it whispers you, yet I believe millions of people are scared to listen to their hearts, scared to take the risks to fulfill their dreams. First time in three years I listened to my heart when I took that flight from NY to Europe over my rational mind and perhaps all this saved me and being totally lost I found myself again. Me being on the road, raising millions of dollars, working on 5 different times zones for years over 120 hours a week made me emotionally numb and somewhat hidden and insanely lonely. I got lost being so extremely focused on the goal whereas all my dream was to able to make a difference to begin with.


Since I was a kid I’ve wanted to be in service for others and help others, less fortunate than myself. This meant buying tons of UNICEF material and collecting images and information where I would have to go when I’d be an adult to help those kids in Africa, and rest of the Third World. Maybe I felt it is my duty to help others, how others helped me back then. I’m a refugee myself and the Swedish Red Cross scooped me out in a big blue Volvo from Transylvania in 1989 to Hungary. Maybe that or maybe it has something to do with my grandfather, whose integrity is the most precious legacy I have gotten as heritage. He always used to say “Never forget, always make a use of yourself”. What he meant simply, make a use of myself for others. This is how he lived throughout his life till the very end.


I was born in a communist country, but I grew up in a democratic country. My grandfather was born in a Monarchy, then witnessed fascism fall, communism fall and he wished the fall of capitalism what he cannot see himself unfortunately. Systems are the same really, they just rebrand themselves. Next to the Brandenburg gate in Berlin (the most symbolic city for political absurdity and people power) where Hitler and other high-ranking members of the Nazi Party were cheered, now the US embassy stands and banks took over. Al – quadia, ISIS, capitalists, communists, fascists. Evil forming different masks. Everything is about obedience and greed. The real source of evil. People created religions because it is a scary thing not knowing what’s happening with us after we die, why we even here on Earth, where did we come from and why we are here at the first place, having to have answers and all sorts of rules how one should live and die. Religions are also huge businesses. Always have been. You could have bought your own salvation few hundred years ago for heavy money, but also look at the wealth of the Vatican state for example or all nice benefits of being tax exempt. In addition with religions one can obey masses. Faith is one of the strongest weapons, because it’s overriding fear, the other governing master. What the Western media does with millions of people is to plant fear in peoples’ minds with ‘Islamist terrorists’, whom they created themselves to able to put their foot in Afghanistan in 2001. But also the same group of people directly gunned and funded mujahedeen groups at the end of 70’s. But let us examine these jihadists. They have faith, sure they do. This is one of the biggest weakness of people from the Western, money ruled and driven societies, ladies and gentlemen, we simply don’t have faith unlike the Eastern brothers and sisters. We also have huge egos and scared to trust each other because of lack of faith perhaps. People from Asia and the Middle – East recognized the power of collectivity driven by faith on top. Here, in the West we are too self – centered and money & success driven even to that level just to acknowledge this.


Now the oh so visible “European” refugee crisis, which is in reality is the beginning of a ‘new world order’, a world wide crisis, what your TV channels don’t want you to know 2015 being alarmingly the hottest year so far with many climate change disasters is possibly our last chance to drastically change things. Ourselves. Surreal it sounds but I think from tragedies, crises, sadness and brokenness we are able to reach down within to such profound depths that if we are able to take those honest emotions with us and build from them, instead they would break us can find a way to our truest light. The time is now, not in 10 years from now, not even in five years now to not only command for change but act on change.


“Where leaders fail we can succeed”. And we must. If we leave our future in the hands of our “great leaders” there will be not much left of our civilization in a hundred years’ time. Unless globally we step up to the plate and try to slow down climate change drastically, the ever-growing refugee crisis will become worse day-by-day, month by month, and we will soon be migrants ourselves, as well as in Europe. The ever growing number of climate refugees will be increasing, poverty will be increasing as well as the number of war refugees, especially if some nations are still so ever heavily bombing already devastated areas after being teared apart with “War on terrorism” since 2001 already.


The solutions for the ever growing refugee crisis and climate change are not welcomed by many gun manufacturer and giant (mostly) American international corporations obviously, who practically owe their governments & media channels. Six giant corporations owe 90% of all US media channels for instance. First step would be not to gun & fund extremist (jihadists?) terrorist groups anymore in the Middle East, boycotting gun sales to such countries as Saudi Arabia and allies who have been destabilizing the Middle East for decades and basic human rights are non existent. Furthermore stop burning fossil fuels and divest in sustainable energy, cutting down on meat & dairy consumption. Local grown consumptions over global consumptions, communities over individual needs. Prioritizing people over products and creativity over consumerism.
Production from local resources for local needs is the most rational way of economic life, while dependence on imports from afar and the consequent need to produce for export to unknown and distant peoples is highly uneconomic and justifiable only in exceptional cases and on a small scale.


So here I’m have started this digital platform on my own few months ago driven by my heart, social responsibility and compassion now turning it into a movement with a sea of similar thinking amazing people on board, all of us craving to take actions in helping others on a broader scale and trying, with all of our efforts make this world a better place to live not only for us, but for our succeeders. Together we are powerful.


May be our last chance be our first option. Love and much light.




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