Ordinary people. Like you.

Common people, famous people, angry people, calm people. Locals, expats & anyone else who gives a damn.

We’ve created a new platform – using media, art and culture to raise awareness & funds for the people who need it right now – starting with the world’s refugees.

We’re not just another NGO (there are enough of those) – but rather a collective of people who believe creativity & compassion can crush greed & ignorance.



Equality, justice & freedom are the birthright of every human

Today’s Corporatocracy is both unsustainable & unconscionable

Most leaders are inept (at best) or corrupt (at worst), and we need to do what they can’t or won’t

Now is the time to speak & act against illegal wars and help the refugees they create

Solving human crises is the job of all humanity, not only select, overburdened nations like Germany and Sweden

Your government leaders should be held accountable

Mass media serves to confuse, rather than enlighten us & the monetary system is eroding human values

People should matter more than products, creativity more than consumerism

Art, culture & education are the smartest weapons to fight ignorance

Together we are powerful


Come on, we’re better than this.